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it would be helpful if you'd be sporting that bleach mustache at the airport tomorrow...

kate c.

you are so cute. i cannot stand it.


i'm a jolen girl too. in fact, i'm pretty much a wookie. psyched for your seattle adventure!


You should tell him to open his mind and read bellhooks. Or whoever you have in mind that would blow his mind, no pun intended.
I'm guilty of coming to your site because I want something. If you have time, could you give me advice? (said in very small sounding voice) It's all posted in my latest entry. The gist is it's about this very nice boy who doesn't seem to be on the same page as me physically.. I.E. He keeps making moves when I tell him it's not okay. Now,it's not that I don't ocasionally leap into things without looking.. that was the old me all the time! but he is waiting for me to make a move and expecting it and that really,really sours it. Anyway, if you have time and feel like it. (You must enjoy giving advice if you have a collumn... but I'msure you get a bazillion letters.) Oh well.
PS. I think the uptight seattlite SUX.. couldnt they come up with something better? I like the idea of an uptight seattlite collumn, I just dont like the content in the collumn they have up right now. I guess that could mean I dont like the guys style. Sure, he nails the "nothing i say is important tone"down but... it's not interesting at all!! Has seattle really gotten this bad?


PS. You see, not to be explicit, but you hear stuff all the time and probably aren't phased. Most guys complain that they aren't told what gets me off.. This guy, his name is lash, well, he is already complaining about the limitations I set. For example, if I let him give me a back massage, I do not want him kissing my neck and my back everywhere. Am I being too prudish? It has to do with the way he just expects something to happen and is sitting there on the edge of his seat waiting for any indication. That takes all the fun out of it for me and makes me NOT want to do anything with him ever AT ALL. But it's a pity cuz I like the guy... and it's hard to meet a guy who isn't a user around here. It seems like people do the wrong thing more and more often because nobody is going to say "that's wrong!" since eveeryone is so individualistic, it's completely acceptable to have a deranged sense of morality. There is no town or community to keep them in check. Sorry for the rant... I'm trying to upgrade on my standards since in the last few years I found myself surrounded by losers a lot. The thing that kept me from walking away was that... they tended to be loyal/available. The downside is they might be psychotic, unemplouyed, live with their mom, AND be a total leech... etc. Also my loyalty kept me from walking away... The entry is a bit long, but I hope you'll skim the parts about Lash..
Anyway. I'll stop now.

I am not Star Jones

I used to do Jolen until it started to irritate my skin -- scaly red bumps.


now its waxing or threading so I can be ready for my close ups.

Gay Bingo, parties

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