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kate c.

i don't even know what to say about that. except the dig (?) about brits is cool.


I didn't even know this guy was still rocking in the free world! Sound advice...and it sounds a lot less painful for my mcguire mouth!!'s a family thing others don't seem to understand!

Kevin Eleven

I have actually watched Stu do this...more than once.

Renovation Therapy

Hi - I saw you have a link to me (thanks!) via my old blog "I Love Upstate" just an FYI I moved to Wordpress, here's the new url:

Now, I could use some Bad Advice. I want laser hair removal. The "30's" are not being kind. Suggestions? :)

Brian of Brooklyn

Ooh, I hear you on the bone graft $$$. I had one done, the idea was that the surgery for the implants could be done a few months later.

That was ten years ago this summer.

That was so long ago, I had forgotten I still had screws holding the graft in place until a new dentist was looking over my x-rays and asked me why I had screws in my jawbone.

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