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I saw a pot of money sitting on 51st and Lexington. You may be too late though.

This: "dirty girl's cooter cooties on my face" made water come out of my nose. You should have considered that a title for the post. hehe


One of the local papers in my area recently did a piece they called the "Stella Awards" (named after the woman who sued McDonalds because her coffee was too hot) and the winner was this woman who sued Winnebago because she put her RV in cruise control and went into the back to make a sandwich. This (not surprisingly) led the vehicle to fly of the freeway on which she was driving. She was awarded some ridiculous amount of money for her own stupidity. So the next time you open an owner's manual and there's a note about cruise control not driving the car for you, you know who to thank.


always wonderful to read a long post, but ach: shaking building and cooter pustules. this is not good news. could tracey send the chug for a visit? i think that would fix everything. and i would take care of him, so it would be no bother. and if we hightailed it across the border so he could see some of his mexican cousins...

i digress. i read RKB's piece. yes, devastating indeed. so sorry, RKB. that's horrible.

so glad you love pilates, and that LG goes too!

i love my dermatologist if you need a reference.


Think of it this way, if you COULD afford the restored church, you'd have to live in a town named Coxsackie. Pretty gross.


I have a better Idea you guys come down here, the Chug can make it all better! He isn't crossing any state or country lines anytime soon!

The Rev

I just read that if the building didn't shake then our foundation would be absorbing the vibrations and that would be even worse but I'm not sold on this yet.

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