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Sadly, I'm not surprised to hear this news.
I've had it up-to-fucking-here with our government representatives. I ask myself: Is information of this nature, coming out, indicative of human nature, plain and simple? Or, is it that we as a people are unable to identify dignified, upstanding, and dare-I-say-it, LAW ABIDING citizens to represent us in government? Or is it both?
Fuck Spitzer. And fuck the growing rate of immoral and irreverent people who are supposed to lead by example.
I may be young, but, every time I see shitheads like this...I think of the son I may have one day, and I hope he doesn't find his moral compass by learning from the officials who are supposed to, leading by example, aide in the development of moral fiber.


i *liked* this guy. i liked his zeal for truth and propriety. he seemed so unlike all the others. oh well. i can't say i'm surprised. just really disappointed. again!


Don't forget Mrs. Larry Craig -- she stood by her man, too.

I was going to say she "came out" for her man, but I can't bear it.

"Bear" it! Argghh!

I am not Star Jones

oh Judy,
that photo is precious.

I am not Star Jones

Silda should just play
marianne faithfull's

why'd you do it



i hate you so much right now

until he moves out.

as for their daughters...
they do have a role model on how to get through this trauma in a relatively well adjusted manner:
Chelsea Clinton.

Michael A. Gonzales

...anybody that pays that much for a call girl deserves anything that happens to them.

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