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i think you should spend an afternoon trying things on around the city. you could order the dress but then not like it when it arrives. i say go as glam and over-the-top as you want, but make sure you're comfortable in the dress, both fit-wise and confidence-wise. you want to be thinking about being judy the amazing mcauthor, not how goddamn itchy or snug or gappy the dress is.


i say evening gown glam/camp, fo sho. elbow-length gloves too. buy a cute vintage dress, but i agree with kc, be comfortable! congrats on selling out. holy moley. exciting! i'm going to see if your publisher can sneak me in. ;)

Plaza Flamingos

Doris Day?!?! Bleeeeeeeeeech!

Judy, you are so not Doris Day.

I say give the Seattle gay bingo crew your maximum goth self.

Judy McSpooky

I don't know that the Gays of Seattle could handle Maximum Gothness. Perhaps slutty alcoholic housewife?


you always look great Judy, so no worries, those gay boys will love you no matter what. I think a red sparkly dress would be very complimenting to your complexion. But I've only seen mostly in black so if that's what your comfortable with I would find a black sparkly dress I think it's more goth/punk/glam all wrapped in one.


i too vote for all black and sparkly.


I love this hat:

and this one too:!!
I totally think you could pullit off with a black sparkly dress.

Where else could you wear a little feather hat, than a big gay party!

Lauren Cerand

The dress is fab, but whatever you wear, add a turban.

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