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I concur. I took lots of sensitivity training for me to appreciate the show in all it's touchy-feely glory, but the writing and direction this season is driving me up the wall.
Be on the lookout for Keener on regular TV munching on something else in the backseat of a car. Not what you're thinking...more like a cheeseburger.

Judy McLWordFan

I saw that--an ad for Lay's potato chips!


Bette and Tina being all wimpy, blinky and hesitant with each other is making me serious urpy. They made Jenny a film director. Why not make her a nuclear scientist?

Gee, do you think Kelly McGillis' character will turn out to be g-a-y? I can't imagine!

Jenny's assistant -- where have I, hmmm -- that storyline seems so familiar but ummm -- DUH! Like no one's ever seen "All About Eve"? Argh.

Officially bored with Cybill Shepherd, and her perma-pout daughter Clementine better put out or shut up.

At least Shane is not annoying, however there is not enough of her, and that is very annoying.

I have spoken.

angry fattie

hate, hate, hate the show.
btw - if you ever wondered what catherine keener would look like with a nose job - just take a look at her sister. her dr. should have his hands removed.

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