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lover of le livre

Woo hoo Joooooooody!


Ohmigod! I L-O-V-E People. It's totally a guilty pleasure. Before I got old enough to realize how lame it was, my goal was to be a reporter for People.

Go Judy! Go Judy! It's your birthday! Go Judy!


Your work is brilliant and fresh, keep it up! I would love to draw your illustrations


Ohmigod, Marie Osmond was 40 pounds overweight???!!!!


wait, can you safely lose 40 lbs in 20 weeks? ;) kidding. huge congrats, mcG. so exciting!


..your cleavage in that, Greeks eye view shot is amazing!..go Judy!

felicia Sullivan

this is beyond HOT. and since brit brit is on the cover, this mag will sell loads. ROCK IT, girl.
xoxox, f.

Brooklyn Bitch

That's totally dope. Go you.


that's so cool, congrats!


You need to write stories like the one recently published by Raymond Carver. People drinking gin, talking about love and romance with a hint of violence and death. Can't miss. Get started. New Yorkers love to read about themselves.

miss amy

Rock ON, sister!!

miss amy

Rock ON, sister!!


Got my copy...and you couldn't pay for a better cover story to sell your book!!

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