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Dan in Hudson

Thank you. This is EXACTLY the reason why I didn't move into the Plaza.


After reading this post, I actually saw this woman on the news. My initial sympathy IMMEDIATELY melted away. Rich skanks, while I hesitate to say it, deserve to get a reality check every now and then. Especially this rich skank. Oy, truly obnoxious.

Plaza Flamingos

Babs! Cotton! Where's the eggman?!? Eggs! Eggs! Eggs! Oh Mr. Eggman, I love you more than life itself! Look, Babs: So many little eggies, and I'm still starving, and I'm going to eat them all before I go to sleepie. Eggs! Eggs! Eggs!

Michael A. Gonzales

...i saw this chick on tv, and lord was she scary. botox is killing america.

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