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Upset Ivan


Tricia and I would watch Cash Cab regularly, screaming out answers at the TV. We've won thousands of dollars (in our minds). We would search the streets for Bailey's disco-cab, and we decided that if we saw the cab, we'd jump in it and go 50 blocks, even if that was out of our way.

This is worse news than, gosh, ANYTHING!


You totally just crushed me right now. You're 100% sure? So my days of drunkenly looking for a cab with brightly lit innards are over? *le sigh*


As long as the contestants aren't cast, I'm OK with that.

Ms.Pardon Me For Asking

The fact that the guy was cast in the role doesn't shock me. But now I am thinking:
What if he don't pick up random people on the streets of New York either?
What if One has to audition as a contestant to get a ride in the cab as well?
I know, I know, that's what it feels like sometimes, but could it be?

Judy McClarifying

Er, the scandal IS that the contestants are CAST!!! I knew the host was cast (I've never had a cabbie that cute). Was I unclear there? He DOESN'T pick up people on the street—he picks up contestants who've been cast. By a casting agency.

Ms.Pardon Me For Asking

My mistake. You were clear. I just read your posting again. I guess I just was too horrified to let my brain absorb the news.
It was too much of a shock!


I for one am relieved to know that you were only joking about being surprised that cash cab is fake. everything on TV is fake. If it wasn't fake, it wouldn't be on TV. Why else do you think Bush spends so much time on TV?

Lost in the clouds with Jupiter transcendent

Lost in the clouds with Mars ascendant.

Love Luck and the music of the Spheres.

Azure in the arms of Cerulean

Cast adrift in the Indigo isles

May Angel love and Moon glow light your path.


so wrong

God Dammit

I am truly shocked.
I will never watch Cash Cab again.


That's not totally correct. Only some contestants are cast. Others are definitely picked up randomly on the street. There are news articles and interviews with Ben online you can find that say as much. Apparently a lot of potential "fares" decline the ride once they realize they'll be on TV or because they actually need to get to their destination in a hurry.


50% of the contestants are cast and the rest are completely at random.

90% of them, even if cast, don't know they are getting in the cash cab. But yes, the show is partially staged, otherwise they would not get any good camera shots.

Also, if the cash was real it would be a HUGE liability for the show.


So what if they are cast? Who cares? EVERY game show casts contestants.

It's New York for God's sake! Do you know what you would get if they didn't? Do you want to see some foul drunk, exhibitionist, NYC a-hole jerkoff, or someone who is up for the game?
It's a trivia game with a unique format.
That should be enough to enjoy it.


It is one of my life goals to get on the cash cab. it is ruined....


It is the scenery, you cant drive UPTOWN on 5th AVENUE! SORRY


I love Cash Cab and this is unbelievably upsetting. I just watched tonight. So I and the rest of us who were having fun watching the show are just stupid. Apparently :( Damn


Thanks, CCFan. People need to read before jumping to conclusions! Cash Cab is NOT staged.

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