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the bulge is the next generation of hooters girl that the hooters girl (in training!) is bearing.



Did you hear that Britney bought two?

Brooklyn Bitch

Without sounding like a crazy feminist, and I assure you I'm not, this kind of bullshit is what is wrong with how we raise young women today.

I SERIOUSLY wonder what the fuck I'll tell my daughter (should I ever birth one) when she's trying to slut-i-fy herself and grappling with her physical and sexual short comings.

I'd really like to shoot everyone involved with the production of this t-shirt. But first, methinks I'll slow roast their testicles in a nice port-wine glaze.

miss carly

Pfft, the faux-vadge is to lure the perverts to purchase said shirt. Whoever did that display should be shot and peed on. Christ on a crutch, what is wrong with these humans...


now that's what i call a gunt!

Judy McBwahhaha!

The Gunt!!! I forgot all about the gunt! Thank you, Debra!


The bulge is a foreshadowing of a disrcimination suit against Hooters for not hiring transgender
kids for a Las Vegas Hooter's .

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