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lover of le livre

good god, what is wrong with people?


The first comment about the KKK and "another group of people with a disadvantage" is beyond prejudicial. Either that or not being white really is a disadvantage.


Remember Judy, in our PC-obsessed culture you're only allowed to persecute and ridicule the size-challenged. Oh wait. That wasn't very sensitive of me...


I could be dropped into a room with sane, employed, and well-mannered women and I'd gravitate toward the one who hates her father, is in debt up to her earlobes, hasn't cleaned her catbox in months, and longs for her angry psoriasis psufferer ex-bf.
You're not alone.

Specious Interest Groups

Be glad you didn't insult the lepers. When you diss them, it's a rumble nobody can cool--'cause how can you defend yourself against people who are melting?


itchy skin is no laughing matter folks! trust me people, year after year of red, angry skin can leave you feeling red and angry on the inside as well. *sob*
that said Judy, i'm sure you didn't set out to pick on the scabby (pun kinda intended) the day you wrote that line.

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