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"Does my Aunt Eileen really need to know that I had sex with a giant-cocked, support-hose-wearing Lithuanian in a lame attempt to make his roommate jealous?"

YES. Because then, that nosey old bat *will never bother you again.*


Hi JM: I read Ms Trunk's blog weekly, and she has terrific links. I found your site from there, and The Urban Muse, and read your Seattle writings with amusement. Thank you, for telling it like it is, being optimistic in a very funny way, and taking the time to keep a blog going too! w/Best wishes, Yv.

Brooklyn Bitch

Congrats! I'll keep my eyes peeled the next time I'm dilly-dallying in B&N!


I got my copy yesterday and am about halfway through it.

Every veteran of the sexual revolution will appreciate the gruesome war stories.

Judy McHappyFace

My Aunt Eileen is actually very cute. But thanks, everybody! I appreciate it.


Judy! You had sex with a Lutheran? Tsk.


i bought it last night and peed myself laughing by page 3. congrats!

felicia Sullivan

Congrats, girl!!! I'm running out to get a copy for a friend today!!! Thanks for the lovely copy/card; you're a doll!!

Anyway, I hear you on the dental fear. I'm facing a possible root canal/crown, and I'm experiencing a vertigo that you wouldn't believe.

xo, f.


last night i not only snorted out my milk reading your book, i learned something about (my ill) manners. i'm a "blow your nose into your cloth napkin at the dinner table if you have to" type of gal. it's a wonder i've gotten laid at all. ;)

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