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reading is fun for mentals

Gee-whiz, Judy, regarding Fart Burp Love: I would not have thought that you would've forgotten the McGuire "Yoga = a-hole" equation.

However, Pagan Kennedy *is* a nice person (she's friends with my cousin). We talked for a while about the war in the Congo, I recall...But I still have yet to read any of her books. Sorry, Pagan!


Ahhhhhh! I'm glad I'm not the only one who didn't like Eat, Pray, Love. I've been tempted to lie about it ("Oh, yes; It totally changed my life, too..."). No more. The book did NOT move me. While reading it, I felt more jealousy than anything else (Gilbert, stop whining! You have a pretty amazing life!). Sigh.


May I put a word forward for the maligned Saul Hudson? I thought his book was great -- funny, and self-aware to the extent that any rock guy pre-12 step can muster. And as a GNR fan, it answered a lot of my lingering questions about Just How Crazy Axl is (lots!) and how the other guys felt about his increasing berserkitude. Yes, you have to get through a lot of boring guitar talk, but any girl who's dated a guy in a band has long ago steeled herself to that mess.

I do think Nikki Sixx's book was better written and funnier.


Wow. Thanks for the warning about EPL. I put it on my Amazon wishlist and a friend sent it to me for birthday/Christmas saying "Seems every woman on the N train is reading this on." I don't know enough about NYC these days to know what that says about the book and/or the women riding the N train. I did have second thoughts about it when I say Gilbert on Oprah though.

I thought Julie and Julia was good as well and it ultimately inspired me to start my own blog.

Thanks for the book report!

felicia Sullivan

When I first spied EPL in the bookstore, I ran in the opposite direction, down the street, down the subway stairs, down the block, down to the comfort of my home with books that are far better than EPL.


Um, now I feel like a loser because I kinda liked that book.

It wasn't the best ever, but I learned a thing or two.


i read part one of EPL because i wanted to see how you wrote a best-seller. (the secret: have a publisher with a fat marketing budget.) i though "eat" was okayyyyyyyyy, but didn't read any further. i still plan to. one day. maybe. like if i have nothing else to do. i guess i wasn't that impressed, but i wasn't nauseated either.

the thing about millions of women saying it changed their life makes me sad. i mean, i'm glad that they finally got the message to take time for themselves, figure out what they want out of life, eat good pizza, etc. but i was like, Really? You needed this book to tell you that? Whoa. watching e. gilbert on oprah (twice) i wondered if she felt the same.

i can think of 100 other books that had a greater impact on me, including eric clapton's boring autobio, which i mainly read so i could get the dirt on derek and the dominos. sadly, there wasn't any. but i did learn that drugs aren't cool.


The reason EPL is popular is the same reason Bruce Willis is a billionaire. You want to get rich? You'd better stop hanging out with artsy nerds and get yourself to the Borders or Walmart and study what people with no taste and even less education are reading.
The person who developed the Hot Pocket isn't asking why EPL is selling.

See Vulgar:


I loved it. I'm a cynical chick and it was kinda cool to see someone break themselves down the way she did. It was a self discovery book what were you expecting?


I totally agree with you about EPL--how am I supposed to identify with a privileged, self-indulgent, Booker-nominated author who can afford to TAKE A YEAR OFF FROM LIFE just to figure things out?? And it's pretty clear to me that she was cheating on her husband with David, which is between her and her husband, but it bothers me that she seemed so shocked and disturbed about his continued anger. I don't get it...


I've never read the book. That being said, my commutes have been flooded with middle aged women clutching their copy making me feel as if I'm riding the chick-lit express.

It is now on my "books I refuse to read" list.

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