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Like I said before, I've been there. Still am, the building I live in has been screwed up big time. Called the DOB to report what was being done, and they responded that the builder next door was working according to plans. Big deal. Their plans must have included undermining our building.
I have found that waiting for a city agency like the DOB is fruitless. They don't care about us.
Go to someone who has their money on the line. Earlier, I suggested trying the insurance company for your building. It may work. If someone is holding a mortgage on your building, let them know. Hell, try any old thing you can think of. But the city just ain't gonna help, unless you are politically connected.


VintageJames is right. City agencies only care about the people with money who are politically connected and therefore can make their lives miserable if they don't do something. The DOB is easily as corrupt as the construction industry it is supposed to be controlling.

It just sucks to feel powerless. I feel your pain Judy!


If you're living in a rent-contolled area, you're jacked. Just keep in mind that there are only two things that Republicans (and Democrats, more and more) do:

1. Transfer wealth and power from the poor to the rich.
2. Implement strategies that cover the fact that #1 is occuring (gay marriage, terrorism, school prayer).

Judy, you live in the center of where this is happening. If you happen to be Hawaiian, Iraqi, Native American, or a member of any other group which happens to be living on or near something coveted by international bankers and the rich, you're jacked. They're going to take it and if you attempt to stop them they'll send in cruise missiles or infected blankets.

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