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That happened once in my building on east 95th street, though with the building right on top of the building next to it, it was very difficult to localize where exactly the sound was coming from. The counterpoint to the screaming was some girl from the building next door yelling "someone call 911! He's killing her!" I think 911 got several calls and, predictably, the cops showed up long after all had settled down. The first set knocked on my neighbor's door and completely bought the "wasn't us" story. Then another set of cops came and the neighbor owned up that "some friends" were over and had a fight that got out of hand, but they were gone now. And NY's finest also knocked on my door and pretty well demanded to be let in to see if there was anyone in my apartment, though I don't remember them doing the same to the neighbor, who was NOT a single white girl by the by.

Never did find out if anything really happened. But by then, so many weird incidents had occurred in the building, I had learned to ignore them just to be able to sleep at night. But it was rent stabilized, so it was like a death sentence. I couldn't leave!


so do you know what happened? no one came out of the bar? no one came out of any of the apartments to help?

Judy McNeighbor

The people doing the manhandling were from the bar--they were the ones pulling down the gate as things escalated. As far as I could tell, nobody came down to help. I am not directly across the street (down a few buildings) and her screams woke me up even though all my windows were shut. From my vantage point, I couldn't see where they took her. It was awful.


Next time, call the strip clubs around the hood. I happen to know that the cops hang there and often unload 52 or so shots into anyone who doesn't look quite white enough.

Hi, this is Judy, could you put down your rum and coke and drop that fistful of dollar bills and perhaps do your jobs?

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