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I bet it is great to sleep on... Congratulations, it is perfect!


It beautiful ,the color is great
I have a couch from R&B and I love it it about 4yrs old and still in good shape and if you knew my dog you'd really be impressed


Yes, but is it of a size that will accomodate sleepover friends??


Are those poppy flowers on the pillow?
If so where can I get a small planeload of them?

Judy McCouchHaver

Lori—very good to hear. It's pretty, but I worry about its future.
Jules—there's no way we'd purchase a sofa that wasn't long enough for Spyro to sleep on. So yep, you'll fit on it quite comfortably. Very firm!
Murkin—they are indeed poppies. Unfortunately, they're felt. Spyro discovered this the hard way.


it's gorgeous. and looks rather comfy.


Can't wait for the sleepover party. I hope that thing's drool-resistant. Not that I drool when I sleep, of course, but, you know, I'm just sayin'...

Anyway, it's really beautiful.


my last couch was blue velvet too. (okay, it was a very nice new futon cover over my old futon). i looove blue velvet and may choose it for when the curmudgeon and i get a couch. congrats! this is so pretty.

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