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i would find that really claustrophobic.
it's not like you follow him to the litter box every time.


this story rocks. and inky is one weird kitty.


Penny does the same thing. Weird


Tiger also follows me into the bathroom--not every time, but often enough. He seems to think it is the perfect time to rub against my legs, as well as my dangling undies.

My man's explanation for pretty much all Tiger's behavior is that he is "not normal." Which considering the man and me, is pretty much the pot calling the kettle black.


I can relate. If I forget to close the bathroom door, my cat Maceo comes running in and stands under the stream when I pee, forcing me to aim carefully to avoid turning the golden shower on his head. Maybe that's what he wants, the little perv...

Sean K

Dear Dategirl,
My girlfriend takes a camera into the bathroom. She says it's just to get a picture of the cat clawing at the TP, but I'm not so sure...

Miss Heather

My husband's cat licks my ass while I am on the toilet. It is an experience mere words cannot describe.

That said, Inky is one handsome cat! Is he getting ready for Halloween?

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