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oh jesus h.
great way to start your week.
do you have a mediabistro membership? you can get very cheap apartment insurance through it.

Judy McInsured

I'm insured. But I'd still be seriously fucked.


of course. i repeat, jesus h.
my fingers are crossed.
that sounds so pathetic.


You certainly have no idea about statics and building laws. The demolition guy knows at least the basics so your worries were a total joke for him

Judy Mcpuzzled

No, I don't know about "statics." Please explain. And I wouldn't count on the international coalition of retards I witnessed knowing dick about anything more complicated than wiping their own asses.


There is NOTHING I like more then "demo" as in demolition..take out more insurance because they will eff up your building!!! ...and PS I would have laughed at you too!!:)


what is this, attack of the a-holes?

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