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YES--i'm so glad it's held over. i was bummed that i wasn't going to be able to see it. i'll get out my membership card this weekend and go.


Sounds great--thanks for the review (it opens in Seattle this weekend). Need to spin "Unknown Pleasures" a couple of times to get ready for it...

Michael A. Gonzales

...i disagree. dude wasn't an asshole, he was just 22 years old, which is a thin line between too young to know better and asshole. and, even though i knew how it would end, i still felt like crying. when they make the movie of my life, i hope it's as good.


I checked out "24 Hr Party People"

thankyou. Even though I was only 14 and still oblivious to the music I would come to love, Ian
Curtis's suicide affected me in a very personal way. His music was so haunting and mesmerizing. Not to mention that the holocaust in my grandmas home was a subject of almost daily remeniscence.

I also appreciated the recommend toward the blog and life of Dean Johnson, of whom I had known nothing, but his words and his whole take on life and the entertainment industry is fascinating. I bought The Velvet Mafia "Cheap but not Free" album
after listening to a few takes off of U-Tube, and it is precious.
Thanks Judy.


Brilliant review! (i.e.-I agree with your review.)

It was nice to see a bit of protagonist graying going on. Too often creators of fiction mainstream enough to get funding forget that one doesn't have to be an asshole to be an asshole.

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