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Yippy!..I was starting to get so sad. I love happy endings!


oh man, that is terrific. i read this before i went to bed last night, and i thought sugar was a goner for sure. i'm so happy for sugar and meredith!


Thank Jeebus and the baby Jeebus.
We banged ourselves up pretty good trying to find him. I got 911 called on me once or twice. I toured The Roebling Oil Fields /McCarren eek Mews.
Even if I wasn't hammered on Adrenalin, Clomid , and cheap white wine; it woulda been dangerous.(the "pit" is still open.) Paulie found SUGAR way up on some scaffolding (surprise) He is a very bad boy.I am the idiot that left the window open. He shot right out when he got startled be Jimmy "Babs" Retard.
Yeah for Paulie. He's my hero, more than ever !!!


yeah, sugah, nice job on settin' atop the new building on the union/n.10th thing.

not budgin' for nuttin'. good job PAULIE, everybody's hero of the year; we oughta have a parade.


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