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Is that a ceramic dog or a real one covered in chocolate?



these are the cutest chug photos EVAHHHH.

Brooklyn Bitch

What breed is he? I must have a dog like this! I must!

Judy McDogLover

He is a Chug. That's a cross between a chihuaha (sp?) and a pug. Just a warning--sadly, most aren't as cute as Frankenstein.


that's what makes him so chugnappable. (joke, tracey—if i sit, i promise you'll get your chug back!)


thanks!..he thinks he is too cute too. He not only loves the ceramic chug his grandma made of him, he kisses his reflection in the mirror too!


oh god. he kisses his own reflection. my tiny chug pal has a big head! but the cutest smalldog ever has the right to go all kissy-mirror.


boy is that darn dog CUTE!!!

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