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i am utterly fascinated by the girl who went apeshit over the guy who herpes-atized her.

this is my favorite comment on the posts so far:

Kahoonas said...

I'd definitely agree that you're kinda stupid for not insisting this herpiefied wankster use a condom, but absolutely freaking props for posting his ugly Mug all over NYC, because as a few bloggers intimated maybe this will make some Bio-Level 3 carriers hesitate a bit about spreading these viral jiggaboos all over the city. Hey I am a guy and I completely see your freaking wisdom. "F" those who chastise you for putting home boy on blast. Who knows, some of these same Mofos probably are carrying some vile nasty $hit themselves, and I am pretty sure that if one of these holy-er than thou posters ever got shazzamed with some nasty permanent STD they'd definitely go POSTAL on the culprit, vowing to go out slicing, dicing & splicing.
So cheers to yah, and if anyone knows of other spreaders out there please please out these STD gangsters. Peace out


great Eartha photo!


Judy, don't you see that when a factory closes and people are relieved of the burden of employment, they are deadbeats? When a farmer has his crops hailed on, he gets a fat check in the mail.
Misfortune smiles on rednecks and the rural farmer and kicks the crap out of auto, steel, and factory workers in the North and East.
The USA needs food, so the farmers are taken care of (they also vote Republican), but we can get steel and refrigerators from China, so screw those in the rust belt and on the coast.


I hope the Brownstoner commenters never lose their jobs, never have a catastrophic illness in the family decimate their savings, never lose their homes to fire, hurricane or some other act of nature.

I really hope that there's no life choice that leads them to a path of needing a hand to get on their feet.

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