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I broke up with my bf of 2 years over the phone because I live out of town and didn't trust his crazy ass to drive after it happened. Him and his friends thought I was a huge bitch but I have no regrets. Some things are not done better in person. Especially if the other person is batshit crazy.


here here. lord knows the phone is a safe way to rid your life of the horrid people in your life. but what about texting?


Judes, again you forgot to include the BEST part of the NWK breakup:

"Give Mammy her change!"

And thanks for the notecard shout-out. It definitely works best over the phone.

Judy McHeartBreaker

Good points, Jules and Shiny.

RP, it would take me about a half hour to text someone something as wordy as a break-up note, but I'm a spazz and would stick to email or phone.


Oprah, if what you're drinking has whipped cream, half and half, and ice cream in it, it's not called "coffee", it's a milkshake.


What was the name of that person you fired from HT? Hmm... I believe that was the day you became my boss.

Judes McHeehee!

KarenC, you were FAR too good for that place! I'm so glad you're happy!

Kevin B.

You are talking about "Manning up" when you don't have the courage to dump me to my face? You have to hide behind your phone? I can understand the rare instances when you might think your news could result in your bodily harm. Then sure, use the phone. But otherwise, have the nads to do your own dirty work in person.

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