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There's plenty to do on the island of Staten..the Tibetan Museum and those freaky shops that the commune people own "Everything Goes"!!!


i took two fake-ations this summer for the same reasons.
conclusion: they don't cut it.
solution: pool your resources and get several bottles of good wine (or other booze) and hide inside with the a.c. blasting


my fake-ation was biking down to fairway and hanging out on the deck.
i pretended i was somewhere where the water doesn't smell like raw sewage.
it was actually kinda awesome.


Williamsburg is living in a vacation.

Judy McNeedsABreak

Living in Williamsburg is pretty much the opposite of any vacation I'd ever take--there's the constant noise, the ever-present revolving door of Very Bad Smells, and the barrage of 21-year-old anorexics carrying purses that cost more than I make in a year. So no, definitely NOT a vacation.

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