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"[...] you made "a lot" into one word, "online" into two, and forgot the apostrophe in "it's." Also, I believe "stand-out" should be hyphenated. God knows I'm no grammarian [...]"

No, you're a PEEVEBLOGGER, out to clean up the English language one petty mistake at a time.

See this linguistics site from more on peeveblogging:

Judy McTightAss

As someone who has actually gone in and cleaned up her boyfriend's comments, I am proud to declare myself guilty as charged. (I even rewrote this sentence twice.)


For the business majors out there:

Fewer: things you can count like people, hours, quarters, dollar bills, fish, accidents

Less: things you can't count like water, time, money, heat, cold, intelligence

Mary has less intelligence and fewer writing skills than she should have. Perhaps she should have drank more beer and fewer bottles of scotch.


What if we spoke and wrote in numbers, and the numerate looked down their noses at the innumerate, including me?


BJK just blew my mind up there.


a part of me thinks this woman is so lonely and afraid of making a mistake that if she outsources the ad and it doesn't get any hits, she can blame the person who wrote the loser ad that condemned her to a life of spinsterhood.

Her fear of her loneliness is real and has got her petrified. I hope she has some good friends to help her through this because (to me) a man isn't the answer.

Unless it's the kind of man who likes desperation.


If doesn't want a sponsor for her maternal experience she shouldn't have any problems.

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