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If it makes you feel better during my Brazilian wax the lady asked me no less than three times if she could help me out with this eyebrows. She wasn't even in the same region!


Oh, Judes -- keep that big bushy mustache and you won't have to worry about anyone impregnating you!


judy we should go out to eat my treat -- and fancy too. i work on 55 & park where do you work? may be can get elin to come. that would be weird. and speaking of weird, i see roberta bayley like daily. after what 20 years she still scares the shit out of me.

call me: 646 415-4034 on the iphone (so shoot me)


Yes, they are super pushy about the upper lip! I almost cry every time I get my eyebrows threaded, so I would bawl if my upper lip was done.


That is so funny.. what a bitch. Good for you for ignoring her.

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