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Isn't it a firefighter thing? The truck, the uniform, the copious sweat, the selfless heroism, the cooking skills, the boys-together for long hours.
Doesn't that drive (some) (young) women wild?
Or am I confusing " " " " "" ' "" with Gay Men?

Judy McFiremanFan

The fireman thing is valid, but the way the show portrays it, he'd be getting that much ass if he were a plumber. I'm not buying it.


You mused: "What is up with these mid-40s guys [...] constantly set-upon by wildly horny young nymphos"

Welcome to reality (especially here in NYC).

Women get the attention when they're young. Men get it when they're not so young.

(Chicks are apparently into 'older'; with an older guy they can always feel young & pretty.)



I think you know it's the fireman thing for me...they are America's heros after all and they are all HOT!!

TheRev.  Dorkopoulos

Rescue me went South when Leary's character sold his baby - yeah that happens often - but also what is UP with that firehouse? Every place of work has a fuck up or two but if there were that many freaks in one fire station in freaking New York don't you think SOMEONE would investigate them? But they just offset that fact that these guys are total freaks, drunks, adulterers, whore-mongers, and in total misogynistic, by showing them doing their jobs - a noble job I admit - but still it's their job - that show now officially sucks!

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