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I like his book, but can't stand him anymore

Channel-surfing the other night, we caught part of Bouring's show--where he spends five minutes saying he won't karaoke (in Korea), and then never does! Why keep that in your show? Just edit out all karaoke references and get back to tasting weird food! But nope, Tony Bouring has to show how "cool" he is not to do something so pedestrian and mundane as karaoke. And complaining about it.


I like his show. I do wish he would go back to visiting odd, offbeat places. I mean this season -- NYC and Tuscany? Ho hum.

I never read his book so I don't own the hate like the Judes.


I saw the show from Shanghai last weekend and he's burneing out. In Bali, he kept talking about how he was going to retire there and now I think I believe him. His curiosity isn't what it used to be. His patience has worn thin with all the the coolest of the cool people he meets. He takes us to organic farms in Ireland or back alley noodle stands in China and cuts the scenes short because he doesn't seem to be "groovin'" on the food at that particular moment or he's not dealing with chefs of his caliber. Get thee over thyself. Yes, A.B. has flown too close to the sun. The show is for us, the viewers, not for you, Anthony.


Ok, I watched the show from Brazil last night and he was much better. Maybe the drug laws aren't as tough in South America as they are in China. He looked pretty buzzed-up through the entire he should be.

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