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A girl I dated once said, describing an ex who was a mutual friend, "He would always miss all these spots shaving, so he'd have little tufts of hair. I thought it was cute and then eventually I hated it."

Two months later... "You miss all these spots shaving! And you have all these cute little..." The worst was I'd been fearing this exact event for months.


how about "are you sure you're a virgin? you don't feel like it"

i'm sure i must've felt like lorena bobbit though.


I was once told by a crush that I had a Sandra Bernhardt vibe about me.


Upon meeting my now ex for coffee for the first time in person, when it came down to say bye we shook hands. He looked down and I can't remember if it was then or later but he said "it was like holding a cold dead fish"

Jeez I know I have bad circulation but c'mon!


me: i must be 50 lbs heavier than your wife.

date: o no more like 75.

i married him. i swear. that was our first date.

he also said i had a head like the death star with a smiley face on it.

Miss Heather

Suitor to Miss H: You're above average.

Miss H to suitor: Fuck you.


My siblings have all had long relationships that went against the stereotype that the male must be older, and the female must be younger. Not me. I'd like to! My men friends have been older, but I want to explore the other option.

So I dated someone in Anchorage - one time only - who teased me about being old because I was *three* whole years older than he.

So why am I the weirdo-magnet? The people in my long relationships are decent - the indecent ones don't last - but why do I get the weirdies in the first place?

Helen Read

I was involved in a workplace flirtation in the kitchen of a greasy spoon. After about a month or so I got my courage up to call this guy at home, which as the rules books rightly state is a mistake. As he had zero interest.
I said something questioning why he was always looking at me, and he blew me off telling me I was nothing to look at. The truth hurts.

cap'n jon

i went on one date with a model who i met while working on a shoot, and we're at 7Bs having a drink when she tells me:

"Oh yeah, i do heroin all the time. But i shoot up between my toes so the marks don't show in photos. Do you want to see? Last time i shot up was this morning."

oooofa. never spoke to her again.


This question actually brought up a somewhat funny memory for me that I decided to include on my own blog-->

Hope it helps Judy!


I once went on a first date with a guy who, at one point in the evening, said the following:

"I have enough extra skin around my testicles that I can wrap it around my hand like a mitten"

I shit you not. Like a muthafuckin' mitten.

Judy McYikes

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner. A mitten. Oh my.


One guy I briefly dated got my shirt open during our sole make-out session and told me I was "buxom." I was a 34A at the time, so it didn't go over well. I wanted to ask if he'd been seeing boys lately, or just hadn't dated in so long that any boobs whatsoever looked big!

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