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aaiieeee, that is creepy and rotten. for once, i'm with the moms and dads. how utterly enraging to have a threat in your midst and not be able to do anything about it. ach. and "wait till he does something wrong" is the most nauseating kind of cold comfort.


we read about this guy on a listserve we get (yes it's for parents in LA but it is by and large populated by likeminded folk. i.e. the kind of breeders you'd like to hang out with. i.e. not the park slope kind).

i read this article last night before i went to bed and was amazed at how much press he's getting. he obviously encourages the publicity and one can only wonder if he's looking to get put away. i did a little investigating online and found a website that lists "sightings" along with the make of his car and license plate number. i found out that on friday he was lurking at a new park my 4 year old loves to go to. he was also at the santa monica library last week (another place i take my kids).
he came to LA because he was driven out of Seattle. I have no problem helping him to get driven out of LA unless of course i end up castrating him first.
this seems to be a huge problem in LA. we've heard of people who have been approached by cops at parks to point out creepy men lurking in the distance watching kids. they were convicted of "sex crimes with minors" but the cops had to let them lurk as long as they were 1000 feet away from the playground.
i also heard of a woman who had her young daughter at the beach and discovered a guy with a camera watching them from about 25 feet away.
they got up and moved and he followed. she went to get the police and they told her there was nothing they could do. creepy.
sorry you had to have contact with this dude.
i'll let you know if i find him and i'll send a pic of his balls nailed to a fence.

miss carly

The moms of the Pacific Northwest are a pretty tolerant lot; this turd had better stop taking pictures of little girls and posting them on his perv site or the bad-ass moms of East LA are going to toss his nads in the lake in Echo Lake Park.


The gene pool is a very scary place.


What an asshole, I have no doubt that if he gets in the kind of situation he dreams of with some pre-teen girl that he will lose that self restraint. Not promoting vigilante justice but if I had kids and caught him just looking at them I would beat the shit out of him. I'm sure many parents would take the risk of jail time for that satisfaction.


What did this guy write you? I'm just semi-curious why he would write to seattle sex columnist(s?) or what he wrote you about.
you mentioned in the weekly this week that you liked all the letters (well probably not all, but a lot) that you got from inmates. What kind of letters do they send?
One more question.. This is off topic.
What do you think about girls who escort? To put themselves through school or to support somebody? Do you think it is degrading or brave or both? And about the girls you knew who did it, or girls who were strippers and crossed the line...
What do you think about it? I'm interested to know.


An escort lived above me a few years ago and was making $3200/wk "dating" men in town on business. She'd banked about $220,000 in the five years she'd been doing it.
I'm sure it takes the right kind of mindset to be a pro at this sort of's not all R. Gere and J. Roberts.


Interesting.. I'm curious how many guys she slept with and how many just wanted a pretty girl to accompany them to an important event. Most girls in seattle sleep with all their clients for 150-300 an hour.


She was exceptional and I think it was $500 night for her as an escort with a vast menu of extras available. This gal was in graduate school, not a street-walker. She was a 24 year old cancer survivor and had lots of medical bills to pay first...then just got used to having money. I don't think death or disease or social norms mattered to her after cancer.


I read the story about this guy too and was horrified because there seems to be no solution but to wait and watch him like a hawk.


"Ms. Thompson is part of a movement to make it illegal to post images of children of any type on Web sites with sexual content or themes.“

depends on who decides what is "sexual content or themes", witness mary ellen mark.

the right-wing "let the eagle soar as it's never every soarn (sic) jackasses are the ones who are making it impossible to determine, vis a vis the judiciary, what is, or is not, a container of "sexual content or themes".

never mind that there are tiny insect shaped robots with cameras in 'em that fly willy-nilly wherever ashcroft allow 'em to:

ahem. gotta beer?


BTW, the verification for my post was "zwbgzd". so i guess everybody uses a spy insect on me; how else would you know that i moved to greenzwcszdpoint?


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