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I'm speechless, for once

Ihad to take a break..

I was laughing and crying so hard I had to take a break half way through!


you slay me.
just sitting here, eating some lentil soup and now considering the big fat burrito i had at 10 oclock last night.

i can't believe she didn't wash her hands.


Oh my Christ! Worst. Day. Evah!!

And you were totally right about Christopher Hitchens.


you slay me too!


I got a look at Christopher Hitchens in person the other month, and not only was he a fat gasbag, he was a drunk fat gasbag.


I'm comfortable with who you are. You should be, too.


omg. funniest post evar. please publish this somewhere where the entire world can read it. people WILL appreciate. xo

ps, sorry about hollywood. xo


16 hours later, you're STILL slaying me.


Seriously. Didn't wash her hands? As crappy as your whole day went at least you aren't the kind of woman who has explosive diarrhea and then doesn't wash her hands. Take some solace in that.

Judy McCleanHands

If I had a choice between escaping The Loudest Poop Ever without being seen and washing my hands, I'd run like the wind. I totally understand her motivation. One can only hope she had a handi-wipe in her bag.


you have a point. i've been known to seek private bathroom shelter for these kinds of events.
maybe she came back to the bathroom after you left to wash up. or maybe she was packing Purell.


can't breathe because i'm laughing so hard.

so glad you said what you did about christopher hitchens.

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