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and i just involuntarily "poped up" the chunk of chocolate i was eating.

you've done it again: turned an ordinary snack into a laughter-induced spit-up fest. bless you, dategirl!

a hundred kinds of wrong

That question is right up there with "If I pee inside a girl, will she have a baby?" --a question genuinely asked in my junior high sex ed class.


hey now... peeing inside my ex was how my daughter was conceived...

I think the writer of the question had her cherry popped when he fucked her, not when he fingered her... unless he has really long, really thick fingers, that is...


this event can happen any number of ways. why not this way?


Anyway, it doesn't matter how it happened. The damage is done and now she'll have to be put to death by her brothers.


I give people the finger all the time, and nobody's ever told me I've poped ur cherry.


It can be popped that way. Or maybe she got her period, coincidentally. Or, you know, was riding on a horse at the same time.


when I become president, I'm going to pass a law that says if you can't spell, you can't have sex.

miss carly As in Pius XVI?

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