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London's not so bad Judy. I "moved" there too and lasted 6 months. I came back to NY after having my fill of bad food and incredibly indirect communication. I was living in a flat that had a leaky shower. I wasn't made aware of the leaky shower until my neighbor below me knocked on my door and brought me down to his place to see that his ceiling had eroded enough to cave in on top of his bed. The bloke was too polite to let me know when the leak started, 4 months before the fateful knocking. Maybe polite isn't the right word because this was the same guy who instead of telling me I was too loud on the phone at all hours of the night - would write things like "motor mouth" next to the shared payphone in the hallway. Whatthefuckever, man. I don't like cowards. Especially English ones. But that was the late 80's and things have changed. I think you still get black soot when you blow your nose at the end of the day, and thing are more expensive - but the food is much better, and it's also supposed to be a lot of fun. So, think of it as a free place to stay and just know that it won't be long before she starts longing for NY again.
I think you should go visit and then take a train to Portugal.

Judy McCrabbyPants

Portugal could be nice. Or France or Italy or anywhere else, pretty much. Except Germany. Not a fan of Germany either.


stupid london. taking your sister. i send the big stupid city a huge raspberry. pffffffffffffffft.

and JFC is right—your sis will have an amazing, rewarding time there, but she will long for the NYC and return.


I lived in Hannover/Berlin for a few years, but I prefer Holland or France. If she enjoys weeks of rain and 40 degrees then she's in the right place. It's brutal. Also, people don't realize that New York is the same latitude as Rome and the sun sets in London in December around 3pm and rises around 9am. There isn't enough Prozac in Europe to make me go through that again.


Actually it's 7:43am and 3:55 pm for the sunrise and sunset, but when you pile on the rain and black clouds it may as well be eternal night. Just kill me.


Germany's not so bad either. You'd be surprised. They tell it like it is. To your face. Unlike the English.
Berlin could be uber-fun.


...I'm just an electronic mail away sister!!

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