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How sad, sad, sad. I see the same thing in towns where I live. Luxury hotels sit in shambles while Holiday Inn Express rat-plexes are thrown up in an afternoon across the street. I'll bet you would not have heard the 5am action heard 'round the world in the older hotel with actual real sheet-rock walls and wooden doors.


I love Asbury Park. The Convention Center is where I saw the Clash the first time every (Mick Jones got his shoe blown off with a cherry bomb and the show ended before the encore)...

And then there's still Madam Marie's... right next to that horrible HoJo's...

Of course, not even I would walk the boards at night... crackheads can't focus on tattoos and shaved heads long enough to attack someone who looks less challenging...


did you know Ocean Grove is a dry town?
It started out as a summer "community of worship".
i love that it's surrounded by a new gay community.
i only know all this because I have a cousin who lives there.
it's not like i'm gay or anything. or religious.
just sayin'.

Old School Spray View Inn....

I swam the salt water pool, picked starfish off the jetty, walked to the gazabo, played in the convention center, got splinters in my flip flops on the boardwalk, and played Space Invaders and Asteroids for the first time in Asbury/Ocean Grove. Whenever I'm in NJ, I try to go to the HoJo's...
My punk rock band in the 1980's played in Asbury.....

The MOB made $$$$ on dead buildings through gov. rip offs, and trash washed up on the beaches in the late 80's....mean trash, and LOT's of it...killed the whole shore.
I love Sandy Hook, and LBI....

old school


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