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Those lights are hideous -- they installed them in the hallway of my apartment building, which immediately took on the sinister feel of a Soviet-era prison.

Blight-bulbs is more like it!

I concur regarding those new bulbs: awful, dreadful and piss-poor for reading or any kind of detailed artwork.
Like those guitar-&-amp nerds who hoard tubes, I'll be stockpiling some good ole GE bulbs for the dark days ahead.


I'm with you- it is not worth living in that crappy light.


They call it "progress", but is it?


if you've ever gone a long stretch without being depressed and have a hankering for those dark low days, put a few of those bulbs in.
i hate carpooling too. i make every effort to have a small carbo-print but i like to drive myself and live under uplifting lighting conditions.


I had to switch to fluorescent bulbs because the old ceiling fixtures in my apt kept popping the regular ones, which is a gigantic pain in the ass.

There is one good kind of fluorescent, and it was made to mimic an incandescent type light (it produces a warm, pink/orangish light). They are actually kind of awesome if you can find them.

All the other kind of fluorescents suck, especially the 'daylight' variety. The light they give off creeps me out.

Miss Dot

Now that make sense!! I hate those bulbs but they don't seem to worry the man of the house (joke) I am VERY sensitive to light "styles" and he just doens't get it, NOW I have proof, thank you!

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