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shit fuck cocksucker pussy douche anal juice dick clit pooper vag cunt cunt cunt!


most of those words are part of my four year old's amazing vocabulary. i wish there was a similar "watch dog" group that monitored the idiocy coming out of Washington DC. That's where kids need protection. What's wrong with a little sucking and fucking on the old bood tube?

His Holiness the REV!

It seems to me that these bean or should I say swear counting morons have no clue what their kids do at school. In my hood we learned about sex by swiping our older brothers porn, swore like sailors and weren't apologetic about it as young as 9 years old. Kids are filthy little monsters that will do and see what they want no matter what you do - go ahead and monitor your cable - they will watch stuff you don't want them to see at their friends house and don't fool yourself - they will make friends with kids who's parents are away alot JUST to be able to see HBO's Real Sex Episode 25!


If you really want to protect yourself from the filth on tv, here is a collection of the worst moments


Your other commenters are very much on point.
I love Rescue Me. It didnt occur to me she might be a ghost, but now that you mention it, the revealing of her was very creepy, I actually thought she would turn and half her face would be burn victim toast.
I have a almost 5 year old who gets some words are for adults, some not.
We watched cops of all things and it sparked the most serious discussion we have had, about drugs and legal vs illegal.
Sex scenes if they are seen by accident get the comment 'They love each other' from her.
I have no way to explain to my kid why a soldier might get his limbs blasted off, an activity the government must like, if the pour so much cash into it, I wish watch dog groups would care about that.
My fellow is the Marines and I hope hes back home with a dirty mouth and all his limbs.
Much agreed jesusfuckingchrist(above poster)

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