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I can't believe people are still doing coke! Hearing this makes me want to score a $15 ounce of seedy Mexican, drink some sloe gin and go to the drive-in movies. Where I live it's all X, Meth, Absolute and Oxy.


man, vomit is gross. as i left work on friday night, a man was heaving his guts out into a phone booth. he left, chin dripping, headed straight toward me, but before i had time to dart to the left or right, he was back in the phone booth, heaving up more. yuk. at least he wasn't singing the doors.


Curious about your review on the scenes of imaginary love conflict eternal sunshine... did you think it was tenderness or brutalness that presided? What if you experienced that in real life except your berish was more of a nicholas cage from leaving las vegas...


PS. Left you a desperate collumn question at two in the morning. I'm having a hard time accomodating society, much less a clumsy oaf who can't clean up after himself. I feel like Charlotte with Harry cleaning up the tea bags from Sex in the City.. Even if the character test said I was Carrie.

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