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You should check the real estate ads when you're there. You can probably hook a 4BR casa for what your NY rent is:


jealous. verrrry jealous. i think we should buy that house, judes...all that room for kitties and chuggies and ponies!

Judy McOneLuckyBitch

My rent is cheap for Appalachia. I'm only screwed if I ever have to move.


richmond would not be first (or 20th) on my list of places to move, though i was very fond of it in the 90s.

but i'd take a day trip to do some chugnapping!!

judy, you are one mclucky lady! that hotel looks fab, and you're going to get to chuggle (chug+cuddle). woohoooo!


There are very few affordable and cool places to live anymore. The US culture is dominated by 20-something breeder parents who disdain anything not from a bigbox store or chain restaurant. Think about it, what do parents spend money on that isn't McDonalds, Pampers, minivans or Lunchables? Try opening a hip restaurant in my town where the hippie students can't afford it and the parents won't dare go there for fear of getting something they haven't seen in an Outback ad. The decline of civilization...kill me, please?


richmond *is* an affordable, cool place to live. i've had peeps there for 15 years now. unfortunately, it has never been safe, and when four friends-of-friends were slaughtered in their basement on new year's day 2006, it cast a pall on richmond for me and for my close friends who have been there since the early 90s. it's one incident, but it speaks to a greater ill in richmond. a wonderful place to visit, and i hope to get down there myself this summer. but were i to move down there, it would be with dogs a bit more intimidating than our heartthrob frankencuddles.

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