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That's a great pic of Mick. Love the big yellow teeth.


Usually I don't correct my friends but I'm sorry to inform you of an error in your post, since I'm sure you meant to say that The Guns of Brixton is the best Clash song of all time. Complete Control is a nice 2nd and Train In Vain always knocked me flat (a good thing)...

Seeing them do The Magnificent Seven with Kurtis Blow (These Are The Breaks! Break it up, break it up, break it UP!) was a nice moment in my life too...

In honor of all four, I've superglued a smoke to my bottom lip (outside, left) and am wearing a low-slung bass all day long.

Judy McYouAreSadlyMistaken

Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! White Man!!!!


i know i haven't commented in a while, but i think you meant to say the best Clash song was "Police and Thieves", followed closely by "Clampdown"...

Judy McKnowsWhatShe'sTalkin'Bout

Noooo, I meant "White Man!" Though you're correct--"Clampdown" runs a close second, knocking "Stay Free" down a peg to number three.


Judes, I am totally with you on White Man and Stay Free (Robin Banks!) But I have to put a word forward for Julie's in the Drug Squad, just on principle.


Oh sure, CapnJon gets his song to move up the list just because he's right? What kind of system is that where the right answer moves up?

Clampdown is amazing, I do admit, but I stand by Paul Simonon and his funky, funky beat...

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