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why does mr. pretty have to be so stupid?

What's on TB tonight?

Chicks always go for the bad boys!


he may be hot, but he's a prick. if he infected ANYONE, he should:
a.) be arrested
b.) have his ass kicked
c.) die
d.) all of the above
e.) fuck him, put him on eHarmony


It's just a coincidence that his father happens to be a TB researcher. Thank God he got infected elsewhere. Probably from eating at a rat-infested KFC/Taco Hell.


That's his wife, right? Nurse? She's standing awfully close whoever she is. If that is his wife, I wonder if she always wears that mask

Judy McDetective

That is his wife. She's kind of the Jill Goodacre to his Harry Connick, Jr. If my huz was contagious, I'd be wearing a mask too.


Why is she dressed like a nurse? Is she his wife/nurse?


i agree w/ CapnJon. Especially the EHarmony part.


why isn't HE wearing the mask? he may be hot, but he's a tool.

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