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There was a recent DateLab with a guy in a band who filled out the questionnaire drunk then went on the date anyway and was all, "I'm not really into dating right now" and "my band my band my band." It was totally barftastic. Of course the girl was really cute and sadly, seemed interested in him. He said she was cute and he might "hang out" with her, but he's just really into his music now.

Judy McDatedThatGuy

I saw that one too--that guy was more of a run-of-the-mill type asshat. This guy actually had his drunk friend call her and tell her she sucked!


I can think of many, many great ways to blow 3200 bones a month and none of them include rent.


sh-t. i'm bubble. retake! retake!


I'm a Patsy! More champers, Eddie!

Personality tests determine your psychosis--part 2

I'm Edina....
I think I hate myself a little more now...I guess today's the day to start having "liquid only" lunches...


upon a careful retake, i'm edina too. bottoms up!

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