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i have had a rotten day. this cheers me greatly. almost as much as chug photos, which are at my fingertips anyway, thanks to Bad Advice. many many thanks. xoxo


She is barftastic! What a moody waif. She brings to mind chamomille tea, Enya and enemas.

Napalm strikes aren't enough

If she and Conor Oberst had children, it would be like, well, my worst fookin' nightmare: a swarm of wide-eyed uber-sensitivos, lurching down the street (because their hair's in their eyes), boring everyone to death with tales of how artistic and sensitive they are...

I would support the extending of the debacle in Iraq if it meant bringing back the draft...if it meant July and Oberst were sent into combat (or at least had to deal with a Full Metal Jacket-style drill instructor).

Connected to nothing at all: I really hate the art department of the magazine I work for. They SUCK!!!!


my art department rules.


She's a pretentious loser who couldn't hack the requirement to actually have artistic talent and has come up with this shtick that is just as banal and annoying as what Jessica Simpson does to get her money.

But you can't tell Miranda that because she's a (pause, pause)


I say: Miranda, take your precious ass to Darfur, ASAP.


You all should consider yourselves lucky to be able to hate Miranda July from a distance.
This pathetic woman looks just like my older sister Susan, who is a cold-blooded reptile.(Our Dad divorced her Mom, and so she has hated me from birth). To see that
this look alike is so thoroughly detested warms my heart.
I saw this actress in something lame. I can't believe she chose that sappy name. She might as well named herself Orange Marmalade, it's just creepy.


My name is Kate. I HATE Miranda July. I was horrified by You Me blah blah blah but didn't hate her completely until I read one of her short stories. I threw the book across the room. I am now in the process of finding other people who think she is a total sham. Your post makes me know I am not alone!


I have to tell you, I absolutely love this post.

Miranda July is the worst punishment I could wish on anyone.

I seethe with rage at the very mention of that woman's name if it's not immediately preceded by "I loathe."

Woman needs to grow the fuck up and stop whining already.

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It makes perfect sense that she started off as a performance artist! Name one thing that's more annoying than a performance artist?!?

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