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Using any excuse to procrastinate at the office

Funny you should ask this--my twin brother, the notorious pothead--was wondering whether he should tip the delivery-pusher...but when the service was THREE HOURS LATE, my brother decided that, no fookin' way was anybody getting tipped.

(Of course, my twin brother, being a mari-hooch-head, gets paranoid sometimes, and can't help but wonder if the delivery service was THREE HOURS LATE *because* he never tipped before...)

That being said, my brother tends to rationalize away any "no tipping the pot boy" guilt with the thought that, like with more high-end restaraunts, the gratuity is included in the price.

So my twin brother feels somewhat guilty for a little while...and then he smokes some grass...and decides that *next* time, he'll throw the delivery guy an extra ten-spot.

[Interestingly, when my twin brother was in college, and used the change from between the ratty sofa to pay for a pizza delivery, he would quite often offer the delivery guy a bonghit as a tip: "Hey dude, I'm sorry I'm paying for the pizza with quarters and dimes, and I don't have any extra bread, but I can offer you a bonghit as a tip, if you're cool with that?"
The delivery guys never turned him down.]

As for me, I never touch the stuff: I have my future career in oil-based religion-politics to think about.


I think anytime there is delivery involved, a tip is warranted if the service was acceptable.

I mean, regardless of what the guy was peddling, he came to you. And in the rain... that's at least worth a fiver in my book.



exluvvvah of a pot dealer

i was in a two-year relationship with a pot dealer—one hell of an entrepreneur, that one. and she did not expect tips. her fee was built in to the price of the product and delivery.


as a former pot smoker and friend of an addicted pot smoker, i'm of two minds.
under any other circumstance, i say always tip and tip well when someone delivers goods and services.
but pot prices, being jacked up way beyond market value (not that i know how much a bag costs these days) i say don't tip because the dealer is already taking you to the cleaners for his walk in the rain.


You don't tip the owner, ever, not in the USA, not in France, not in Japan. If this person is working as a $6/hour delivery scud with no health insurance then by all means, slap a tip on him/her.
If you go to a restaurant and the owner is tending bar because the $2/hour tender got fired or is sick, there is no freakin' way you would ever tip 'em. You want to own a business? Fine. You want to work for tips? Fine. You want BOTH? Fug yo-self.
Tips are for service workers, because service workers in the USA are exploited. Perhaps if we ever turn socialist in this country and the tax rate goes back up to 90% and the owner of the bar isn't driving a BMW 5 series, but rather a 78 Accord, then I'll be first in line to tip.
Three hours late means you should start looking for another source for you kind-bud. WTF?

exluvvva of an MJ entrepreneur

osibs's point was actually part of my ex-gf's, aka the-dealer-who-has-probably-delivered-to-you's, rationale. she was proud of owning her own business and didn't think tips were appropriate.

as for the lateness, sometimes that's a reality of the industry. she who sells it smokes it. etc.


My boyfriend smokes pot several times a day, every single day (I found me a real winner!), and I don't think he's ever mentioned anything about tipping the dealer. He and his pothead roommates have this Jamaican lady who drives all the way over to Bushwick to deliver for them! That's good service - I think she deserves a tip.


I'm sorry about my comments. I think the venom stems from an owner/waitress who used to stiff all the busboys for tips back when I was in high school.
I still wouldn't tip an owner, but I didn't mean to be so emotional about the way I wrote it.
Also, restaurant owners in my town get something good going and then end up blowing it all in blow and having an Applebee's move in. It's happened more times than I have fingers and toes. I don't know what it is about the restaurant business and cocaine, but they go together like a horse and giving them a tip would be contributing to the delinquency of an entrepreneur.


I have also lived with a chronic chronic user. Does yours seem euphoric, peaceful, at ease with the world one day and slamming doors and cupboard, stomping around and muttering f-bombs the next?


I think tips are for service oriented people to 1) thank them for a good job and 2) make up for the guilt we feel that someone who is serving us is making a mere pittance of a salary.

A drug dealer? I don't think so. Probably makes more money than I do. I think that's taking things quite a bit too far. I buy every week and tipping is not at all considered. He comes to me because he *has* to - *I* do not make the laws saying he can't have a brick and mortar - *I* am the customer, paying him for a product. Equal trade. He is not getting a tip.


If they ever came within thirty minutes of "I'm on my way", then sure. Well, sure, maybe. If they ever showed up in a decent window of time on a regular basis then tipping would seem appropriate.

Also out of the way locations make tipping seem a little logical.

But then again, I'm the girl who refuses to order delivery on shitty weather days unless I can afford a supercollassal tip.

I got service industry guilt.


Hell no. You do not tip drug dealers. They are rich enough as it is!

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