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wow. that's somethin' else. i thought her downward spiral would be done by now but looks like she's still going strong. maybe when you realize you're a pretty mediocre songwriter, you start wanting to change your face. although that theory doesn't hold up because judging from recent appearances and press from rickie lee jones, i think she may have gone under the knife as well. spotting bad plastic surgery in LA has become almost like a sport for me. there are very few cases when i think people actually look better. why do people want to look like muppets?


Okay, so that's Courtney and the androynd from Smashee Pumpkee in the photo on the right...

I was going to go on with a lame joke but I'm very satisfied writing the words "androynd," so I'll leave it at that...


Ahem. Courtney is telling the press that she lost weight through lots and lots of yoga.

I totally believe her!

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