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The year I decided to pull the plug on family/holiday meals was the year I became liberated. Not liberated in a George W. Bush kind of way. But liberated in a way in that I no longer had to scramble for expensive airline tickets, eat bad food (overcooked vegetables), exist on no sleep, and spend time with drunk people that I have nothing in common with.
The first year was guilt-riddin. But only a little. I went to Pt. Reyes, CA and spent Thanksgiving eating food that was cooked properly - and on nobody elses schedule. Call me selfish, but holidays are about relaxing. They shouldn't make you feel worse then you do during the work week. So start carving the feta Judy.

Karen Collins

But Judy, aren't you going to roll out the tsoureki like a good Greek wife?


and while you're at it, how about massaging the large greek's feet?


But families give you the chance to hang out with people you wouldn't ordinarily be caught dead with. That's the whole beauty of them. Just like when GW Bush puts some dude in his "extraordinary retention program" he gets to visit a country he wouldn't ordinarily be caught dead in...but then of course this is always a possibility.


Yum....lamb guts! Is good.

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