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Baldwin doesn't seem crazy, he just cares a little too much. I'll bet the crazy one is Basinger, who bot a town for $20 million and then resold it for $1 million.

At least my parents didn't name me "Germany"--or "Basqueland"

The fact that Baldwin has been critical of the current administration only makes the likes of Fox News/NY Post/etc. lick their chops even more.

Baldwin sounds like an angry dad: no big whoop.
If Basinger leaked the tape, she's awful. I'm disgusted when parents use their children as weapons against each other.
If the daughter leaked the tape, it's revenge: As much of a fan I am of Hibernia and all its children, getting named "Ireland" must kind of suck. Schoolyard taunts happen even in the schools of the super-rich. So when will Ireland turn against Kim?

(Full disclosure: I *love* Baldwin when he does his cameos or supporting roles, in Glengarry Glen Ross, Miami Blues or Talk Radio--but I think he stinks when he has to carry a flick by himself.)

Judy McBaldwinFan

Exactly. Which is why he's so excellent in 30 Rock and in The Departed. Small, brilliant doses.

kate wants frankenchug

i don't think it's such a big deal either. it sounds like basinger leaked the message, which makes her an evil you-know-what.


I'm more concerned with who leaked it...the person was more concerned with making Baldwin look bad than embarassing an 11 year old (the little girl could be a thoughtless pig,ya know?) and that's much worse.

Since America's news media doesn't have any work to do uncovering corruption in Iraq, the White House and New Orleans, I know they will get to the bottom of this PRONTO!


Lyle Menendez is a good example of how charming and wonderful rich children can be. I'm sure she's an absolute joy to be around.


I hate to pick on eleven year olds, but that picture: the bag over the shoulder, the bottle in her hand, the hand over her chest. She's already got the look down.

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