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so glad that frankenspunk is all better. i love that little dude.


p.s. lizards in showers? sounds like richmond.

No more sick puppies, yay!

Frankenstein, the INDESTRUCTABLE!

(So did dog and lizard get it on? Or does Frankie prefer

I've now set up that second photo of Frankenpup as my work-computer's background.

What's with the Dr. Bronner hate? Since now I only use soap that I've stolen from hotels (thanks, business trips!), I haven't needed to buy Dr. Bronner's soap in years. But it was a good product--and Dr. B's "philosophy" always struck me as more *crazy* than hippie (besides, who doesn't love "Dilute, dilute--OK!"?).

And happy birthday, Dategirl!


Please post a lot more pictures of Frankenstein. Thank you.

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