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It's a girl...


so to her mind, the only way she was hip (or could be hip) was via sex with the cool?

who are these people? what do they look like? Do they truly exist or is someone pranking me?


i went to royal oak last night.
i understand so much better now.

Judy McCranky

Noooooooo!!!!!!!! No going to Royal Oak!!!! (Even for anthropological purposes!)


This guy is on every stool at the bar each and every night in my town. They sport small black t-shirts with glow-in-the-dark transfers of forgotten 90's local punk bands, no-name second-hand tennis shoes and glasses frames from the Goodwill. Who is their leader? Is there a newsletter? It cannot be a coincidence that they are everywhere.


I completely agree. I lost my virginity to a guy like this attending yale who had the whole "cule nerd who is somehow glamerously unique" thing going on. I ended up being more upset at myself for liking him than I was at him. A couple years later he sent me an email (I am not making this up) saying he viewed virginity as something "very clnical" and he thought he was doing virgins a favor when he popped their cherry!

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