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Toy with my emotions, will you?

Dategirl, you little trickster! Your first sentence was getting me all psyched that Other Music was closing!

Instead they're adopting a business model (albeit three to four years later than they should have) that may let them survive.

I'm not an Other Music hater, but the one time I bought something there, the CD was overpriced (so why'd I buy it? OCD...) and the store made me feel uncomfortable. So I haven't been back.


what did you do to mabes? is that her in the photo?


i love other music. i don't give a flying fa-hooey about the shop clerks with massive egos. they gots great music, and i go in there rarely only because i spend money when i walk in. also, they have done a lot to support diane cluck, one of my favorite musicians. i'm pleased about their digital store. but man that DC posting made me go all retchy.

Judy McMabel

That's not Mabel! That's just some picture I grabbed off the internet. Mabel is much cuter than that cat hag.

The Rev. Hadenuffolopoulos

That article was written by some idiot that thinks they know how "the cool kids" talk. Stick it to the man? Word? WTF?

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