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as a parent who's been responsible for poop-filled diapers in awkward situations/places more then a few times; all i can say is - that's really fucking gross. never mind the fact that she finished her meal with microscopic pieces of poop under her fingernails. you should have gotten up and told her that this is how city-wide cases of ecoli and hepatitis
outbreaks start. i'm not rigid or uptight either. i can even find something good in riding the Paris metro with people that haven't bathed in days or used deodorant. i equate the ripeness with good cheese that awaits me at my stop. but i have to draw the line at combining poop and food in a restaurant. i've been in those situations. and there are always alternatives. i flew 3000 miles with an infant with diarrhea. sitting next to a very observant jew who
insisted on praying. in the aisle seat. but i still managed to keep my kid's poop to myself - and in the bathroom. there are ways to navigate through the world and keep your own body fluids (and solids) to yourself.
i'm sorry that you had to endure this while still hopefully celebrating your birthday.


you know this behaviour is really not french at all - particularly not parisian. i wonder where she was from. no nanny. tant pis pour tous.


Really? Not French? Seems entirely in keeping with most of the French I've come across. So confident in their superiority they have ZERO concern or respect for others.

But yuck! Poor Judy!

Judy McQueasy

I didn't mean to imply it was a French thing. I've seen American parents who were just as disgusting. I just wanted to be sure that if, by chance, she happened upon this blog she knew I was talking about HER and not some Norweigan or Midwestern skank.


NO. awwww, man!


Given the current state of parenting, I am actually surprised this doesn't happen more often.

That said, it's totally disgusting and almost certainly illegal.


Veuillez regarder mon nouvel accessoire. Un bébé !


Veuillez regarder mon nouvel accessoire. Un bébé !


so scarlett spend a lot of time in france do you? i do. trust me when i say the french are among the most uptight people on earth. they would no sooner change a baby in public than use the fish knife on filet mignon. as for the the much addressed body odor issue: these days that fashion has changed considerably.


i think jules is more correct.


someone should have said something to her
even if she was French and probably would have gone all crazy but
no one should ever have to pay to smell baby poo while out eating in super xpensive new york.

atlanta, yes.
dallas, yes.
minneapolis, yes.
new york, never.

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